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A transparent price, per kWh
Pay for the energy you use - nothing more.
With a credit card
/ kWh
You can pay contactless directly at the charging station.
Guaranteed price
No booking
No automatic payment
No promotional offers
With the app
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Add a credit card directly in the app for automatic payment at the end of your charge.
Guaranteed price
Automatic payment
Promotional offers
Book a charging station
With a charging card
Price of the card operator
Use the pass of a partner charging operator to pay at the terminal.
Variable price not set by Electra
No booking
No automatic payment
No promotional offers
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Frequently asked questions
Why does Electra charge on a per energy basis and not on a per time basis ?

Electra has chosen to charge based on the energy actually consumed and not on time spent or per charge, because this is the fairest pricing for the consumer. We do not give an advantage to the vehicles with the fastest charging power.

Who are the partner operators ?

Electra pursues an objective of maximum interoperability, so that the greatest number of users can benefit from its fast and reliable charging stations. Every week, new operators sign up with Electra see the entire list

Fleets and professionals: charge at a low rate.
Benefit from a reliable and fast charging network. Take advantage of personalised price offers and dedicated services.
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