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A transparent price per kWh

Pay only for what you charge. No hidden fees.

0.49 / kWh

Fast charge

Price may vary per station.

With a credit card

Fixed price / kWh

You can pay contactless directly at the charging station.

  • Guaranteed price
  • Booking
  • Automatic payment
  • Promotional offers


With the app

Fixed price / kWh

Add a credit card directly to the app for automatic payment on completion of your charge.

  • Guaranteed price
  • Booking
  • Automatic payment
  • Promotional offers

With a charging pass

Price of the card operator

Use the pass of a partner charging operator to pay at the terminal.

  • Variable price not set by Electra
  • Booking
  • Automatic payment
  • Promotional offers

Your questions answered

Electra's objective is to offer maximum convenience to all customers. So, we partner with pass card operators to ensure that as many people as possible can pay and access our fast and reliable EV chargers. Every week new card operators sign up with Electra (See the whole list).

Electra has chosen to bill for recharging on the basis of the energy actually consumed and not on the basis of time spent or per charge, as some of its competitors do, because this is the fairest price for the consumer. It does not benefit vehicles with the fastest charging power.

The prices mentioned below apply to charges initiated via the Electra app, with the Autocharge function or by credit card payment at the EV charger.

Additional charges beyond our control may apply to payments using an RFID badge.

These prices do not include discounts.

🇫🇷 France

Slow charge (AC) from 0.39€ tax incl. /kWh and Fast charge (DC) from 0.52€ tax incl. /kWh

The VAT rate applied here is 20%.

Special features of the motorway network

The price per kWh on our motorway stations differs from the rest of our network due to higher construction and operating costs.

Slow charge (AC) €0.39 tax incl/kWh and Fast charge (DC) €0.59 tax incl. /kWh

🇧🇪 Belgium

Fast charge (DC) 0.65€ tax incl. /kWh

The VAT rate applied here is 21%.

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