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Accelerating the transition to green mobility

Electra is a European specialist in fast charging for electric vehicles.

Our vision

To remove all the barriers to the adoption of electric cars by deploying the most efficient network of fast-charging stations in Europe. Our goal is to make EV charging as easy as filling up a tank with petrol, while ensuring that motorists save time and enjoy greater comfort.

Our expertise

We have made operational excellence the core of our approach, with a team of 160 experts from all sectors. This highly ambitious project is driven by motivated employees who are excited to be working every day on a project with a real impact on society and a market undergoing major change.

What makes us unique

We operate at the crossroads of 3 ecosystems: tech, infrastructure and mobility, where innovation is the key driver: we innovate in our offering; we innovate in our services; and we innovate in our relationships with our partners.

And at the heart of our priorities?
Our clients! 

  • Investments in R&D

    We invest heavily in innovation and research to ensure the best possible user experience

  • Optimised user experience

    We develop rich, intuitive and customisable mobile interfaces

  • Practical services spaces

    With the aim of turning car parks into convenient service areas for visitors

The years ahead can be summed up in one word: Acceleration

Electra has earned the trust of major groups such as

Throughout Europe

With the desire to become a European leader on a network covering several countries. Electra operates in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Spain, with the aim of providing 14,500 fast charging points by 2030.

The company recently joined
the French Tech Next40!

A few statistics

  • +250

    Stations by end of 2024

  • 2 200

    Stations accross Europe by 2030

  • 9


  • 200


  • 4.4m

    tons of CO2 saved by 2030

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