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The Chopard Group entrusts Electra with the deployment of fast charging hubs for electric vehicles in its dealerships

Apr 19, 2022

The Chopard Group, a major player in automotive distribution in France, has partnered with Electra, a French company specialised in fast charging for electric vehicles, to set up charging stations in its dealerships. Once again for Electra, this partnership takes the unprecedented form of a joint venture in the sector of charging infrastructure of electric vehicles with the Chopard Group. The first 8 sites (i.e. more than 56 ultra-fast charging points) will be deployed by the end of 2022 in several cities in eastern France with a joint investment of 4 million Euros. A first hub in Lyon (Smart Ecully) will be operational in May 2022.

Building tomorrow's dealership

The Chopard Group is seeing its traditional business evolve structurally with the switch to electric vehicles. The implementation of Electra charging hubs is an opportunity to position the Group's brands as experts in this new mobility. It adds a new line of business that will boost the Group's growth.

Enjoying the Electra experience in Chopard Group dealerships

Electra is making available to Chopard dealerships its innovative ultra-fast charging solution, allowing users to enjoy a seamless experience. It is made possible by an app that allows the electric car user to be directed to the nearest charging hub, to book the charging station remotely, to charge their vehicle and to pay for it in the simplest way possible through the app. Please note that payment can also be made via charging cards or credit cards. All this for a competitive price of €0.44/kWh incl. VAT.

The Electra charging stations will be fully powered by green energy and will be available to everyone, whether they are customers and visitors to Chopard dealerships, private individuals on the move or business fleets (taxis, ride-hailing, car-sharing, etc.).

Playing an active role in the energy transition

This partnership is aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from transport, fine particles and nitrogen dioxide in the main French conurbations. It also contributes to the implementation of low emission zones in all urban areas with more than 150,000 inhabitants, in the wake of the passing of the Climate and Resilience Act.

Our customers' habits are changing, and our dealerships must become hubs for high added-value services. Being able to charge your vehicle quickly with a fleet of vehicles that is rapidly switching to EVs has become a priority in order to make a significant contribution to the mobility sector. The signing of a partnership with Electra is also a real opportunity for our dealerships to generate new services with the electric car users driving nearby”, explained Erik Chopard, CEO of the Chopard Group.

“We are very pleased to create this joint venture with the Chopard Group. This is a first in the sector of Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Our innovative solution will enable dealerships to offer an appealing service, thus enhancing the value and quality of their offer. For Electra, it is an opportunity to offer electric car users fast charging hubs in dense urban areas that are still under-equipped”, explained Aurélien de Meaux, CEO of Electra.

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