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Electra unveils its new visual identity

Sep 19, 2023

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A warm and soothing brand universe

Electra hasn't changed its name because we love it very much! We've streamlined our logo by removing the lightning bolt and rounding the typography. We now lay our name flat and wholeheartedly to create an immediate association with the brand and everything it embodies: reassurance, simplicity, and reliability.

Electra works tirelessly every day to make the transition to electric vehicles joyful and to provide users with total peace of mind. That's why our new visual identity draws inspiration from wellness and meditation-focused applications to evoke calm and exhilaration in our users, establishing a deep connection and mutual trust.

A new identity in service of our ambitions and meaningful purpose

Now present in 7 countries, Electra is set to inaugurate its 100th station in just a few days. The goal is to build the most extensive charging network in Europe, ensuring that everyone can recharge under the best conditions, anytime and anywhere. Three promises drive us forward:

  • Speed: Offering the fastest charging on the market,

  • Intuitive Experience: Simplicity is our guiding principle,

  • Price: We provide transparent and among the most competitive prices in the market.

Therefore, we have chosen an identity that continually challenges us; an identity that allows us to proudly express our desire to go further in accessibility, optimism, friendliness, and in accelerating the transition towards more environmentally friendly mobility.

A renewed product to enhance the promise and establish brand reflex

We didn't want our rebranding to be limited to a mere visual change. Our strength lies in our ability to constantly innovate to provide the best charging experience. Therefore, in parallel, we have developed new features and functionalities, anticipating future developments and lifestyles: locked charging information on the screen, a simplified integration process within the app, optimized reservation experience, and more.


Creation: KOTO Agency

Execution: PELOSTUDIO Agency

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