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Electra launches a fast charging hub for electric vehicles in Maurepas

Jun 7, 2022

The inhabitants of Maurepas will now be able to charge their electric vehicles in a matter of minutes instead of hours. This is the promise of Electra, which is installing a new hub with 4 fast charging points for a power of up to 150 kW. This hub, which is being launched in partnership with Primonial REIM France, is accessible to the public in the car park of the recreational village, located at 3, avenue Louis Pasteur in Maurepas.

Fully powered by green energy, these charging stations will be accessible to everyone: residents who do not have wallboxes at home, private individuals on the move who want fast charging close to home, or even business fleets (taxi, ride-hailing, car-sharing, etc.). An electronic credit card payment terminal is available at the stations of this hub.

Accessible from the N10 and the D13 roads, this fast charging hub allows you to “fill up on electricity” for daily trips or long journeys. The nearby recreational village can also provide a pleasant break while your vehicle is charging.

A service that meets users' expectations

Nearly half of French people (43%) who own a combustion-powered vehicle are considering replacing it with an electric vehicle in the coming years*. But this transition is particularly hampered by the insufficient speed and reliability of charging stations. To put an end to this problem, Electra is developing a network of fast charging stations throughout France (power of 150 kW to 300 kW) to achieve a full charge in 10 to 30 minutes.

For even greater simplicity, Electra has also developed a solution that provides an intuitive and innovative user experience via connected charging stations and an optimised mobile app. This means that the user can book a remote charging station in a few seconds and be easily directed to the nearest one according to distance and traffic. They can also choose the charging time and pay automatically via the app at a competitive rate of €0.44/kWh incl. VAT. And for greater transparency, the app offers you the option of viewing your bills and tracking your consumption at any time.

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