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Electra and Leo&Go take electric mobility in Greater Lyon to the next level

Jun 7, 2022

Electra, the benchmark for ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles, has entered into a partnership with Leo&Go, the car-sharing service of the Lyon metropolitan area, to facilitate the charging of the electric vehicles in its fleet. This partnership will help to optimise the distribution of the fleet and the availability of the vehicles. Based on the idea of charging in a car dealership car park, it heralds the reorganisation of the management of charging points in large urban areas and thus contributes to the acceleration of the switch to an electric vehicle fleet.

Comprising a fleet of 300 free-floating electric and hybrid vehicles accessible to the general public and to businesses via the Leo&Go mobile app, this service, which has been certified by the Metropolis of Lyon, has already won over more than 10,000 users. The cars are available on a self-service basis at an all inclusive rate (insurance, charging, parking) for rental on a per-minute, per-hour or per-day basis in Lyon, Villeurbanne, Saint-Exupéry airport, and since May in the Grandes Ecoles (prestigious universities) area in Ecully, so as to meet the mobility needs of students and academic staff.

Electra is implementing and operating a network of ultra-fast and efficient charging stations in major urban areas. The company has set up an offer dedicated to fleets to enable them to charge their vehicles without wasting any time: capacity booking with dedicated time slots, consumption monitoring and account management, invoicing at the end of the month, sliding scale prices, etc.

Leo&Go's operational teams will thus be able to come and charge Peugeot e-208 electric vehicles in less than 30 minutes and at competitive rates.

This partnership lays its foundation stone in the Smart Lyon Ecully dealership, which belongs to the Chopard group and has 4 Electra fast charging points, which are open to all. This system is intended to be developed in all the hubs set up by Electra's partners (car dealers, hotels, department stores).

“We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with Leo&Go, a great showcase for the expertise of Vulog, the leader in shared mobility technologies. In addition to facilitating the charging of the vehicles in their car-sharing fleet, it also promotes an environment-friendly, accessible and easy-to-use mobility solution for their customers in Greater Lyon... which is one of the main missions we set ourselves when we founded Electra”, explained Aurélien de Meaux, CEO of Electra.

“Leo&Go was launched in the Metropolis of Lyon with the goal of speeding up the transition to more eco-friendly and accessible mobility solutions, and demonstrating the positive impact of car-sharing on traffic jams and CO2 emissions in large urban areas.

We are very pleased to enter into this innovative partnership with Electra, which will allow us to go one step further in the optimisation of our operations, and to support the extension of the availability scope of our service”, added Vincent Frey, General Manager of Leo&Go.

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