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Whether you own a supermarket, a restaurant, a hotel or even a city park, let your customers fast charge while they are with you.

Up to 200 new clients per day

Attract and retain new customers who own electric vehicles with the best charging experience: super fast, hassle free, great prices. And available to everyone of course.

Easy passive income

Earn rent your parking spaces at an attractive rate, from the very second after your charging hub is installed.

Increase your real estate value

With a valuable service that supports your CSR goals.

Modern hubs, happy customers

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We were enthused by the Electra charger's performance but also by the application which is very user friendly

Rodrigo Clare

CEO, Altarea

The station installation was quick and efficient. Customer feedback is very positive, it's a winning bet!

David Huet

GM, Novotel

Today, on top of the rent we have increased our revenues thanks to customers who often come to the hotel restaurant for a bit to eat while they charge.

Laurence Pereira

GM, Ibis

Do you own a perfect
site for Electra?

  • Outdoor
    car park

  • High traffic

  • Facilities available
    (Wifi, toilets, food)

  • Open 24/7

  • Visible from the road

  • Find out if you can become a partner

Right now: 200 stations being built worldwide!

Your questions answered

If your site is eligible, Electra generally proposes a variable rent that is indexed to the commercial performance of the charging hub and a minimal annual amount guaranteed.

Yes you can! But under certain conditions. Underground charging hubs may be subject to different regulations depending on the localisation of your site (country, region). During the preliminary study phase of your site, we discuss these questions together, after which we confirm your site's eligibility.

In choosing our locations, we consider many factors, including customer service quality, sustainability, and profitability.

We examine each site on a case by case basis, as each location has its own unique characteristics.

In particular, we pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  • Geographic location (car flow, main roads, urban or suburban area, presence of other Electra hubs nearby)

  • Available space (typically 8 to 16 parking spaces). Smaller sites may be considered, especially in areas where parking is scarce

  • 24/7 access to everyone (ability for Electra customers to log in to open the entrance gate)

In case of damage, vandalism or accident at a hub, Electra's civil liability insurance policy covers the damage.

We are responsible for 100% of the installation and operation of the charging hub. Every step from the deployment of the station (administrative procedures, electrical studies, equipment purchase and transport, installation) to the operation of the hub (day-to-day running, maintenance, international customer service) is handled by Electra. You will never have to pay a cent! On the contrary, Electra pays you a rent for leasing the land.

Generally, Electra proposes a tenancy agreement for 10 to 30 years. Our standard lease contract makes the process easy and convenient for you. The benefits of our tenancy agreement are twofold. It guarantees you a recurring income over a long period of time and it enables Electra to amortize the investment cost of the charging hub.

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