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Our advice for renting an electric car.

Apr 25, 2022

Find out everything you need to know about renting an electric car, whether you want to rent an electric car or already own one. I would like to rent an electric car

What are the advantages of renting an electric car?

There are many advantages to renting an electric car. Electric cars are cheaper to run than combustion-powered cars, they do not emit pollutants, and they have a lower impact on the environment than combustion-powered cars. The main benefit compared to a combustion engine is the cost per kilometre - with an average cost of €2 to travel 100 kilometres in an electric car compared to €8.50 for a diesel engine and €11.50 for a petrol engine. If you are interested in renting an electric car, there are car rental platforms between private individuals, such as Roadstr. Renting electric cars allows you to drive in low-emission zones (free parking is available in many cities, with no restrictions to access low-emission zones) and sets you up for future restrictive public policies.

How much range can an electric car offer?

For travellers who enjoy exploring, the rise in fuel prices may have put a damper on some people's spirits. That's why driving an electric car is the ideal way to get around on a budget. Although the range is approximately 400 km per full charge, mileage calculations for electric vehicles can vary depending on variables such as slope, acceleration and temperature. Charging a vehicle at an Electra station takes about 30 minutes. Perfect for stretching your legs, eating or just watching a series in your car while waiting for the charge to be done.

How do you choose the ideal electric car?

To rent an electric car with total peace of mind, it must first fit your budget. The more powerful the battery, the greater the range and the more expensive the rental will be. You will be able to drive longer and more comfortably in a Tesla Model S than in a Renault Zoe. Yet, the budget is not your first criterion. First and foremost, the car must be suitable for your use. If you need to drive quite a bit to go on a weekend getaway, a vacation or a meeting with clients, small electric cars will not be suitable for your needs.

What is the best electric car model to rent?

If you are looking for a car with a reasonable budget and good range, the Tesla Model 3 is the ideal model. Due to component shortages, delivery times are getting longer and the cars won't be available until next year. That's why renting an electric car seems to be a good compromise. On weekdays you don't have to worry about parking and other expenses, while at weekends you can enjoy driving a powerful and comfortable car.

I am an electric car owner

If your car is sitting in a garage, your best option is to rent it out to generate extra income.

How can you optimise your ad?

Our advice if you want to rent out your electric car is to advertise it on a car rental platform and create an eye-catching ad with nice quality photos and clear text.

How can you estimate the rental price?

If you want to know how much you could make renting out your car, some platforms have revenue simulators. You have to take into account the geolocation, the general condition of the car, its model as well as the associated services.

The models that are the most in-demand to rent at the moment are the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y due to the range, on-board equipment and comfort of these models.

Is renting out your car a good investment?

As with any investment, you have to weigh the pros and cons, but renting out your car to private individuals is a good way to generate passive income. It allows you to reimburse the costs of the car and even generate an appreciable extra income. Electric cars are popular, so don't hesitate to rent out yours!

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