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Fast vehicle charging: a virtuous model?

Nov 25, 2021

When they created Electra, the three founders, Aurélien de Meaux, Augustin Derville and Julien Belliato, aimed at enabling everyone to live in less polluted and less noisy cities, not to mention the added value in terms of consumer services. That's why they decided to invest in electric mobility by tackling the crux of the problem: charging and, above all, how fast electric vehicles can be charged. Electric vehicle sales are expected to overtake combustion-powered car sales by 2026 and the charging speed supported by these vehicles is increasing rapidly. However, nearly 70% of users are not satisfied with the charging stations open to the public and 25% of charging attempts fail.Electric car users simply want to charge their vehicles in car parks, while shopping, on vacation or on their way to work, quickly, easily, reliably and without breaking the bank! In order to develop a model that benefits everyone, Electra's founders have decided to offer to install ultra-fast and ultra-simple charging hubs to the operators of car parks open to the public.

The result is a model that meets economic, social and environmental challenges... a win-win model!

It’s a win for the car park operator. They don’t invest any money, Electra bears all costs related to the installation and operation of the equipment. The operator is also compensated through a rental fee for the parking spaces used by Electra. This also allows the operator to comply with the French law on mobility. And most importantly, they offer an innovative, high added-value service to the users of their car park.

It' s a win for the consumers. They get an optimal user experience, save time (it takes 20 min for a full tank on average) and money (with a rate of €0.44/kWh).

It's a win for business users with optimised passenger transport runs; delivery slots for fleets; productivity for corporate fleets with more comfort for employees, especially for mobile sales teams.

It's a win for our environment. This model indirectly contributes to lowering CO2 emissions and making cities less polluted and less noisy.

It's a win for Electra, which gets paid when electric vehicle users fill up on energy. The company is developing a network throughout France with a large coverage so that everyone has a hub close to home and can charge their vehicles with complete peace of mind.

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