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Electra élu 2ème meilleur réseau de recharge de véhicules électriques en 2022
17º noviembre 2022
Nouveau à Saint-Jean-de-Védas 4 points de charge rapide de véhicules électriques
24º octubre 2022
Electra invite les usagers de ses stations à lever le pied sur la recharge en période de tension du réseau électrique
10º octubre 2022
Electra will not increase the price of its charge in 2022
27º septiembre 2022
Electra innovates and launches Station Access to recharge your electric vehicle even when the car park is closed
9º septiembre 2022
Electra and BePark join forces to become the leader in fast charging in Belgium and Luxembourg
1º septiembre 2022
Jardiland chooses Electra to equip its shops with more than 300 fast charging points for electric vehicles
11º julio 2022
Electra raises €160 million from leading investors to speed up the switch to electric vehicles by deploying an ultra-efficient charging infrastructure
30º junio 2022
Electra and Leo&Go take electric mobility in Greater Lyon to the next level
7º junio 2022
Ivan de Quercize is the new Chief Marketing Officer of Electra
2º junio 2022
Electra at EVS 35 in Oslo and Flotauto in Paris
1º junio 2022
Electra launches a fast charging hub for electric vehicles in Maurepas
25º mayo 2022
The INDIGO group chooses Electra to deploy the first fast charging hubs (150 kW) in its underground car parks in city centres
27º abril 2022
The Chopard Group entrusts Electra with the deployment of fast charging hubs for electric vehicles in its dealerships
19º abril 2022
Altarea Commerce and Electra join forces to deploy ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles
12º abril 2022
Electra signs a partnership with Weboost, the start-up of Louvre Hotels Group, to massively deploy ultra-fast charging hubs in urban areas
16º marzo 2022
The interview with Aurélien de Meaux on Tech & Co, broadcast on BFM Business - Electra
3º marzo 2022
Chargemap connects Electra to its 1 million users
15º febrero 2022
Automobile Propre talks about Electra!
1º febrero 2022
How Electra wants to democratise the use of electric cars in France thanks to its charging hubs
1º febrero 2022
Electra is launching its first fast-charging hub
31º enero 2022
Electric cars: for the massive deployment of fast charging
24º enero 2022
Issues and priorities B Smart – Interview with Aurélien de Meaux - Electra
20º enero 2022
Electra, the start-up that deploys fast electric charging stations
10º enero 2022
Fast charging: how Electra intends to make its mark in France
5º enero 2022
In 2022, people will fill up their electric cars as if they were running on petrol
28º diciembre 2021
Electra expands its top management
6º diciembre 2021
Electra raises €15 million to revolutionise electric car charging
28º junio 2021