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27. September 2022
Electra will not increase the price of its charge in 2022

In a context of rising energy costs, Electra, the French operator of fast charge stations, has decided not to increase its prices. The cost per kWh will therefore remain at the competitive and unique price of €0.44 including VAT until the end of the year.

The company has decided to maintain its prices because it has anticipated and secured its energy supply for this year. The constant search for operational excellence by the teams also allows them to control deployment and operating costs as much as possible. This is in addition to the low costs linked to Electra's structure, that of an agile pure player

"We are keen to offer a price that is attractive and cheaper than a full tank of a combustion car. This is one of the strong reasons that favours the transition to electric cars. This is one of the strongest reasons for the transition to electric cars", explains Julien Belliato, Co-founder and Director of Operations of Electra.